Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not gonna make it

Unless there is some kind knitting miracle, I don't think I'm going to make it to Rhinebeck wearing a new sweater. I basically took the whole weekend off of knitting and played hard with the kids! Which was fun and totally worth it. But here is my current progress:

Each night this week I was so tired from the days fun that I knit a few rows and then called it quits. It's probably smart I did it that way - as my wrists were getting a little sore from the constant knitting on smallish needles.

I think that after this sweater is done, I'm going to dub this the winter of socks and baby stuff. Going through my sock drawer, I'm realizing I'm low on non-felted socks. I wear hand knit socks daily, and I have sweaty feet. So much of the machine washable stuff felts for me. Especially the hand dyed. Sigh. My plan is to knit up a bunch of Opal and Regia - because those wear like iron, and then I can save my STR and others for 'special' occasions.