Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well. This morning, I dropped Marti off at the train station. A few months ago she sent me a message that she was coming to Rhinebeck... and I was excited and a little nervous. I wasn't sure that we would have as much fun as we have had in the past (which was at Sock Camp). Sock Camp is a special place - no outside world, just knitters - certainly no toddlers yelling NO MAMA and no husbands! Also - I wasn't really sure what she would want to see. But I decided I would just give her a little Boston Area sampler, and we both had a blast! I am so sad that my little staycation is over.

The highlights:
  • Lunch at Quincy Market
  • Walking the Public Gardens
  • My first visit to the Boston Public Library!
  • Webs
  • Rhinebeck!!!!!!
  • Found a new crepe place in Maynard
  • Showed off my LYS
  • Walked around Walden Pond
  • Took her to knitting night
  • Let her explore Lowell while I went to the doctors (yuck)
  • Hub Mill Factory Store (where I bought Aran Knits. We shall revisit this item later)

Each night we had a fun dinner at home (except Saturday), the kids LOVED her (Cam woke up Monday morning asking for Marti) and I already miss her. Sigh.

Fun knitting will be shown soon!



Sounds like the perfect week! You crammed in quite a bit. How did I miss you at Rhinebeck? I need to check out the crepe place. Thanks for the link.


awww, i had so much fun! i miss you guys more than i thought possible. give the kidlets a hug from auntie marti!