Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quilt Obsession

I mentioned a little here that I was obsessively quilting at one point. Aaron and I eased Maggie into daycare - before I was going back to work, she was in daycare one day a week. I was freaking out when she wasn't with me. So I would quilt. A lot. I made a quilt each day she was in daycare.

That is 4 kaleidoscope quilts. I made one, and couldn't stop. They are going to people who were truly wonderful to us after Nora died (and there are so many people who were SO great, don't feel bad if you aren't getting one. I finally got sick of making them).
Then, I made Maggie a quilt:

This was out of a jelly roll I bought and started sewing together before the twins were born. I never ended up making anything out of the sewn up strips - and a friend of mine had this great pattern. I love it!

And when I decided to bite the bullet and send those off to be quilted, I added in this one that I finished two summers ago. It was to be for Cameron if he was a girl.

I didn't have any backing fabric for it - so my friend that did the quilting picked it out - how cute are those owls!?!? I'm not sure where this one is going, I have a few close friends that are having babies, so it may be for them, but I like it a lot. While I decide, it'll go in Maggie's room.

Phew! I sent these off figuring I would get them back one at a time over the course of the summer! She sent them all yesterday! It's wonderful, but really, also reinforcing my quilting obsession.



Beautiful thoughts and products!


Wow Cece, every last one a total winner. They are beautiful.

Good luck with going back to work.


Nice job with the quilts. I know the recipients will really like them a lot. There is nothing like receiving a hand made gift.