Thursday, May 06, 2010

: )

Time for my monthly post!

Just kidding... I should be able to start posting more often as things are slowly swinging back to normal. I have always been knitting, just didn't have the time for pictures and posting. But now, Maggie is starting to almost sleep all night, I'm back at work, and everyone is in daycare - so I'm regaining a little bit of 'me' time.

Since I've last posted, I've knit about 4 baby girl sweaters (because seriously, what is more fun than knitting baby sweaters?), attended sock camp with Maggie (and had a blast!) and got taken away from knitting from a mild quilting obsession. I did want to share the scarf I'm knitting on:

This is a scarf that my friend Mainse is always wearing. I always covet it. I started knitting it in a different colorway - but there wasn't enough different colors in that one to make it fun. This is the special sock camp colorway - Cattywampus. And the pattern is called Fickle Fingers... and it's nice and fun and easy. Just the kind of knitting that I can handle.

The yarn I'm using is BMFA Twisted, which comes in 560 yard skeins. I don't have a winder big enough, so I needed to put it in a ball. Which is usually really annoying - as the ball tends to run away from me. But, I remembered that last year we got this thing called a Fibersphere in the Woolly Girl Sock Club. At the time, I thought it was stupid and I'd never use it. I was wrong.

It's awesome and making it MUCH easier to knit on this scarf. Of course, it is rare that would need it, but it's a nice to have tool.



You're back! Love your Fickle Finger- lots of fun colors in there! Another advantage of the ball: the yarn ball stays clean.


What a cool pattern! This would be a good way for me to use up the sock yarn in my stash now that I'm no longer feeling like knitting socks. Thanks for posting.


I've added the scarf to my list of 'have to make' but am not sure if I would want to do all that seed stitch so might modify that part. Yours' look beautiful and I might just have some spare Twisted lying around :)