Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Little bit of sewing

I've been knitting, but the only exciting thing to show involves getting a picture of a 15 months old's hands. Ahem.

Moving on.

I've been working on some blankets for Maggie - as we keep our house pretty cold. Aaron is convinced that she is cold all the time, so she'll be in a onsie, footed PJs, a sleep sack and then swaddled - and he still wraps her up in a minky/flannel blanket. I think that's a bit excessive (especially when I unwrap her and she's sweaty!) so I started making these in January as another option. They should have taken a day - but they've taken months. So it goes....

They are basically cotton on one side, and flannel on the other, with a little pocket for the head.

I just LOVE the fabrics, and Maggie seems to like them too.



Oh goodness Cece!! She is beyond cute!! Keeping you and the family in my thoughts :)


She is adorable, she looks so comfortable in it.