Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I'm loving these fish mittens! I have made many mistakes and have ripped out many times, but finally finished mitten number 1:

It shows how much I love these by the fact that I keep knitting even though I'm a sleep deprived idiot and have made a huge amount of mistakes. I knit that first row of green fish 5 times. The fish switch directions, and I didn't notice. Sigh. And then I couldn't get it right - mostly because I was knitting while both babies were napping and I was freaking out they would wake up and I wouldn't have made any progress. God. Damn. It.

And then, I finished the chart, and decreased and kitchnered the top only to find out that they were WAY too small. I made the thumb, thinking it would maybe be OK (you know, that the mitten would grow a few inches once I added the thumb somehow?). When that didn't happen, I had to undo the kitchner (Again - God. Damn. It.) and add on INCHES.

And I'm still loving knitting these. So that tells you a lot.

I'm joining in on the Knitting Olympics. I'm planning on finishing my Mondo Cable sweater and a pair of STR Sock Club socks. I was going to start a whole new sweater, but I'm thinking that I need to be somewhat realistic and just try and finish something that I started months and months ago.



Sweet! I like the mittens. I am not a judge and I personally do not see the imperfections but to my untrained eyes.. these are mighty spiffy. I would wear them.


nice! i love the fish.
i know how you feel, ben is almost 4 months and i have knitted maybe 10 rows of a sock in that time!!???


I think they look better this way - ending with strong colored fishes rather than the lighter colored fishes. One down, one to go!


The mitten looks awesome! I'm finally on the right track with the Mondo Cable Pulli. Got it all plotted out thanks to a friend.


We are doing a Mondo Cable Pulli KAL at our LYS. I loved the pattern and the yarn I am using feels wonderful. (Angels Kiss alpaca).
I had to chart out my increases so as to not loose my mind. How is yours going? I have about 2/3 of a sleeve and the neck to go. That neck might be an issue. I don't understand the directions .....