Thursday, December 31, 2009


I feel like I've left this blog hanging. I've mostly been posting at my other blog - don't have the energy for both right now, and knitting is sparse. If you don't follow my non-knitting blog - go here for an announcement on the twins birth, and here for the tragedy that followed.

We are holding up well as can be expected, and little Maggie is a tough nut. She is pretty gassy, and pretty much wants to be held all the time which I'm happy to try to accommodate, but a girl has to sleep sometimes. I did try to go without sleep for about 2 weeks, trust me, it's not doable. We have switched to soy formula, gripe water and mylicon drops... but any other tips on gassy babies is appreciated. She seems fine during the day when it's possible to hold her, or at least the crying is tolerable, but at night, when everyone is sleeping... it's rough. Last night she was up from about 10:30 - 2:30 on and off. My doc doesn't think it's reflux or colic - and we have been having her sleep on an incline too.

I mostly popped over here to bitch that in the craziness that has been the last month of my life, I seem to have lost all of my needles, and my Baby Mine pattern. I went to Webs and I have 2 things to knit that I'm pretty excited about - the first is a larger sized Baby Mine for Maggie's naming ceremony (she will be wearing my baptismal dress which has short sleeves) and the other is the Rhea Lace Stole for my aunt who has really helped us out over the past month.

I have a lot of needles so it just doesn't make sense that they can ALL disappear. Grrr.



Hey Cece, great to see you back. I have been following you and your family on your other blog. Sending a huge hug. Can't offer much advice on sleepless nights/babies, as my youngest is 26. But with Aahliyah I know when she didn't sleep she was put in the bed with parents, which they didn't sleep all that well then, now at 17months still wants to sleep with them. It does get better, just won't seem like it for a while. You probably have tried the teats for bottles for colic babies. They only advice I can offer is when Maggie sleeps you sleep, but that will be hard with Hulk. My thoughts are with you, take care. And keep rubbing/patting her back even when she has burped, a good rub/pat and a few good burps could help.


Cece, I'm so sorry. I hadn't been following your other blog so I was just looking forward to seeing your beautiful babies. I had no idea of the tragedy you have been through. Having lost a child, it is a club no one wants to belong to. People say the most unbelievable things. One woman said, "God just wanted him more than you do". She is lucky to be still breathing.

Nothing really helps, no matter how well-meaning. The grief is just something you have to work through. I will keep you in my thoughts. Enjoy your many blessings and just find a way to get through the sadness. In my experience, it doesn't go away, you just find joy in other things as they come and talk about it less.


It was wrenching to read the two announcements. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep in touch.
Huge hug.


Have you tried Infacol? Its like Ovol. That helped us with gas. I probably would be careful about the soy based formula, my friend posted some interesting info about soy if you're interested


Hi Cece,

I was way behind on all my blog reading...and just caught up.

I am so very sorry. Which doesn't even seem enough to say. My thoughts are with you and your family.



I am so sorry to hear of the terrible tragedy that has befallen your family. May you find peace and strength in eachother this year. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Oh Cece, what sad news, I'm so sorry.
Enjoy Maggie and Fishling.
All the best
P.S. Didn't know you had another blog


I didn't realize you had another blog and just foolishly assumed you were just busy being baby mama.

My condolences and sending good thoughts your way as you go through your grieving process.


I hadn't been following your other blog, and I am so, so, so sorry for everything that you have been through. Nora passed away on my birthday, and now I will remember her every year for you. Holding your family in my heart.