Monday, March 09, 2009


First. I've started the socks from the February Wool Girl Sock club, and I'm in love. Head over heels in love with the yarn - Zen Serenity merino/cashmere sock yarn. It is a thousand kinds of wonderful. And I also love the cabled sock pattern. With some obsessive knitting this weekend, I finished the leg of the first sock:

So nice. So very very nice.

The reason I started these, is that I finished the 'I'm sorry your father died' socks:

I wrote a nice note telling her that I was sorry for her loss and explaining why I knit her socks... only to bring them to church and have her not be there. I think I will send them in the mail instead of waiting for another week.

The WTF part of this post is twofold. First - I HATE daylight savings time. Now, it not only messes ME up, but throws off the Fishling and his sleep schedule. He was sleeping 8 hours a night... and now he is back to 5. Sigh. And the other thing I'm pissed off at!? SNOW!!! It's snowing here AGAIN. Why won't this winter end already!?!?



That is one gorgeous cable! The finished socks are very nice - I'm sure she will like them.

I'm sorry its snowing there - terrible winter - it is really time for it to be over!


I agree, we should go complain about the snow. Oh wait..

Nice job on the socks.


Let me join you in the WTF! Daylight savings time has robbed me of an hour of freedom in the evenings and it is snowing here again too. In freakin' Seattle. In March.