Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 weeks

That's right. 2 weeks until I'm back at work. God save me. I'm easing into it - 3 days a week for two weeks, and then 4 days for a week...but still! It's been a while.. but at the same time - I can't believe that my little Fishling is almost 10 weeks old! It's going to be strange to be at my computer without my little office mate:

He is very helpful. Right now - he is telling me how WONDERFUL it is to put his thumb in his mouth. Like that bumbo seat? My stepmother got it for him. He loves it, and she is still hoping he'll magically turn into a girl.

I've been trying to finish up the few projects I started before my little man arrived. I'm very close to finishing the chevron scarf I started in the hospital:
And these are socks that I started when I got put on modified bed rest:
This is the second sock! I'm hoping to have these done by Saturday to give to my friend. She is babysitting the Fishling while we go out to a romantic Valentine's dinner! Where I'm sure all we'll talk about it is baby poop, but hey - we need to try, right?



Cece, he is an insanely cute little butterball of love. I just want to reach through the computer screen and hug him.

Good luck with the return to work. Enjoy these last couple of weeks to their fullest. The transition to work really was not too tough for me. The key has been having a great daycare situation and a very supportive and helpful hubby.


Good luck returning to work - and enjoy the two weeks!

Great projects, and the baby is just adorable!


Oh what a cutie!!! I think your MIL and Natalie are kind of on the same wavelength. She thinks ALL babies should be girls. Good job on the knitting...I was wondering if you found any time for it lately!