Friday, December 26, 2008

Minimal Knitting.

Well - I have to admit that barely any knitting is getting done here. I can't really even envision a time when I could actually sit and knit anything substantial again! I know that will change, but doubtful it will change in the near future. I am really glad that I had those 2 blue sweaters - he wears those often - but is almost to big for the Baby Mine! I want to make a couple 3 month sized sweaters for him to make it through the rest of the winter, but not sure which I want to make. For sure, a Baby Surprise using the Spawn of Braun... but I don't want to place my order for that yarn until I know how many skeins I need! One is surely not enough.

Guess I'll figure that out in my free time. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Oh, and a hat. I want to make him a super cool baby boy hat, but need to find the right pattern and the time!