Sunday, September 07, 2008

Much to report...

But I'm still in vacation mode! I'll give you a very quick highlight tour of my vacation, so I can get back to my last day of it!

We went to Manchester, VT - where on my first day, I visited Yarns for Your Soul - and I got yarn (Online Linie 194 Solo ) for a great scarf I've seen on a few of my favorite blogs. I actually had seen this yarn over a year ago at a yarn store in Portland, OR - but the lady there was nasty - so I couldn't justify buying it. This time, I had a blast hanging out for over an hour knitting with some great ladies (while waiting for Aaron to return from the bike shop...). Anyway - it's a quick knit - and turned out really fun:

This is a sculpture that was in the spa's pool area.... I did take full advantage of the spa services while on vacation also.

Another fun thing we did? A Falconry lesson at the British School of falconry! I wasn't too sure what to expect, but it was AWESOME! Here I am, just meeting my new friend Haggis:

And then, Haggis taught me how to let him land on my arm (first time, a bit scary... after that - just plain fun)

After we did this lesson, we went on a Hawk Walk - where it was so cool to watch these guys in action. It's hard to describe how amazing it is to handle a real bird of prey, and see then in action - so I'll stop trying. Needless to say - an unforgettable experience. Aaron and I joked that it was a good thing Haggis didn't have any idea of what is cooking in my belly - she may have thought that was rather tasty... (I know, I know, black humor).

I have done loads of other knitting this week also - but I'd rather get back to it instead of taking pictures.... more to come!



Your holiday looks great, and the scarf has a lovely place to be displayed. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. How beautiful and large is that hawk.


I am so glad you had a blast on your vacation. Now it will be smooth sailing the rest of your pregnancy.