Thursday, February 21, 2008

Making my day

I'm somewhat remiss, as Tammi tagged me for this award almost a week ago - and now today, Lucia tagged me again! I guess I Make These Gals' day:
That is really sweet! You make mine too! I'm glad I make people's days... as a bunch of you make mine! I'm following Lucia's lead - and naming a few blogs that are daily reads for me:

Lucia - right back at you! Lucia wrote me an innocent email yesterday, asked if I was planning on going to SPA. I said no, as I don't have a working spinning wheel right now. Well, enabler that she is, Lucia is letting me borrow her wheel for the weekend! Within 10 minutes of learning of my borrowed wheel, I had booked a room, and called my mom to tell her I was dragging her with me to Freeport, ME! Road trip!!

Suzanne - this is my college roommate! Suzanne lives nearby, and is always checking up on me, and even has come over to organize my yarn room! When my life get crazy hectic, she'll even swoop in and do a 'spoil Cece day' which entitles her cooking for me, watching chick flicks and hanging out knitting. Love it.

Marcy - Who sat with me and forced me to play with a spindle until I 'got it' at Cummington. Although Cate was my enabler on the buying of the spindle, you got it all to click, and are the reason I took a spinning class, and bought a spinning wheel. Are you proud of yourself?

Frieda - Who saw a post where I mentioned I love getting snail mail (who doesn't?!). She sent me a card the next day, and in the process, made my day.

Amysue - She is losing her mind right now getting ready for her daughters' Bat Mitzvah, but she is a woman with a lot of fiber talent and a really kind heart.

Greta - For someone who obviously has a lot of crazy stuff going on her life, her upbeat posts and general love of life always makes me smile.

Since I'm so late to the party, if I tagged you, don't feel like you need to carry this on. I think it's coming to the ends of it's blog life. But I was glad to get to participate! Happy knitting!



Thanks! See you Saturday. I can hardly wait.


It was such a joy, meeting you in person, and I'm delighted to know that my love of life comes across the Internets!
Have fun SPINNING!


That was so sweet!! Although I try to intersperse fun into the Bat Mitzvah count down drama, there has been drama and whoever chose pubrty as the ideal time for this milestone should be shot! Umm that wasn't G-d was it cause then I'm in big trouble!!!
You rock and once I get past the middle of March I'll be over with my wheel. My plan is to have a room for Cummington so come with me and we'll stuff the car with fleece.