Monday, December 31, 2007

Super Nice.

On Friday, I went to the Web's Year End Sale. I wanted to get yarn for a sweater that Aaron requested (!!!!) and yarn for me to make the Central Park Hoodie (hurrah for making the pattern available in plus sizes, but I think the yarn requirements are wrong. For the 48" size, it calls for 10 balls of yarn, and then goes to 16 for the 52"!). It was really crowded, and I went with a friend who was a Webs virgin, so I admit to spending more time enabling her than find stuff for myself.

And we got Guitar Hero for Christmas, so I've been spending A LOT of time playing that. Love it.

After feeling uninspired at Webs, I realized that I have a bunch of awesome projects waiting to be knit up in my stash. I'm not saying that I'm making another crazy resolution to not buy yarn, but I do have some pretty nice stuff to knit! One thing that had been calling to me a lot recently with the Little Edo. I can't find a finished picture anywhere, so here is a scan of the front of the pattern booklet:

It's a 'cropped length knitted lace garment with 3/4 sleeves'. It's been a fun knit - and hard to show any progress as it's lace - and will need some severe blocking before you will be able to see the shape. I've finished the body:
The yarn is Cheryl Oberle's Reflections yarn (50% merino/50% mohair) is hand dyed, and the coloring is just beautiful. The indoor lighting on this snowy winter day is NOT getting the full effect. It looks very indigo to me. Not a color I usually knit with!

Usually I do a post at the end of the year to go over everything I've knit.... let's just say it's a lot. I'm sure it's over 30 pairs of socks, off the tops pf my head I can think of 3 shawls, more than a few adult sweaters, and we know about my baby sweater addiction! Honestly, next year I'm hoping to knit less and maybe spin? Or go to the gym?



I hope you have a Happy New Year and that 2008 will be a good year for all your dreams.


Hi Cece

Happy New Year. Here's to a great year and hopefully some great news along the way.