Friday, September 14, 2007

IPhone and Socks

So! I love my new iPhone with a white hot passion. My birthday is on Tuesday (the 18th), and I have been hinting that I wanted one of these ever since they announced they were coming out. Aaron kept on telling me that I couldn't have one until the second gen came out... I understood his point, so I resolved myself to waiting.



Laurie mentioned, after watching how much time I spent futzing with it yesterday, that Aaron may have given it to me earlier to slow me down on the sock knitting. Remember - I still have to finish up 2 pairs to win the bet. I'm still confidant that I'll have a win (photo taken with iPhone!):

I'm to the toe of the second Scroll sock. I have one Earl Green to finish up by the 18th - and I'm a winner.




I wouldn't put it past aaron - but think you've got it in the bag. Still, better not to count the eggs before they hatch. You're so close!