Thursday, September 06, 2007

I see the light!

Here is the first half of pair 16....

These are the scroll socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks... and this pattern is the reason I bought the book. I freaking love them. And that is the last installment of the Petal Collection from Sundara... I just love the bright blue.

And pair 17? The Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey:

But mine are "Earl Green". I decided that is was fitting that I finished this bet off with yarn I won during my last sock challenge. Anyone remember the Spearfish Sock Challenge? I knit my fingers to the bone to win this yarn! It's Lang Jawoll, and I happen to love it very much!

The plan is to knit finish the first Earl Green, and then go back and finish the scroll socks (which were a little hard on the hands)... so that the Earl Green are the winning pair.



Yeah! Home stretch. Can't wait to celebrate the feat. Definately calls for a round of drinks in the next week.