Saturday, April 09, 2005

Finished Spearfish socks!

I think I may have won the Spearfish Sock contest! Here are the pictures of my finished sock (after a full day of obsessive knitting). First one on the feet (to prove they are 'human sized':

Finished Spearfish Posted by Hello

And one that kind of shows off the lace better:

Finished Spearfish2 Posted by Hello

I'm off to post on the Spearfish Contest blog to see if I won!



Wow! BEAUTIFUL socks! Congratulations. I bet you did win. Now I can knit mine, LOL, knowing that I'm not competing in a losing battle. ;)

I can't wait to see them in person at Ethnic I/Maryland. :)


Drat!!! not only do those look terrific, I think you won too. My yarn order just arrived yesterday and last night I am casting on thinking, 'maybe it's not too late!'.