Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Gettin' it done.

I need to FINISH a couple of pairs of socks this week, if I want to stay on track. I had this Spirit Trails sock yarn in my stash for a bit - I loved the color, but avoid knitting socks with it, because for whatever reason, I thought it wasn't superwash. Non-superwash sock yarn? It felts on my feet as I wear them!

I was actually pulling this yarn out to swatch (!) it and throw it in the washer to see if it would felt - when I see on the label that it's superwash. Der. I immediately cast on for a pair of Whitby socks from Knitting on the Road. I had made a pair of these before I learned of the 'felting on the feet' issue - and I remembered that I loved knitting them... even if I only really got to wear them a few times.

That, my friends, is a total of 8 hours of knitting! I'm almost to the heel of the second sock. I think I have found my secret weapon pattern for this contest. Gift knitting, anyone?



You rock- and just my color and size! :-)


Love the colour and pattern. You will have so many socks, more than one pair a day by the time you are finished, they won't have time to felt on your feet.


Yeah! I feel a sprint to the end coming. What's the latest count? And can you remind us what the goal was - amount and date. I'm on the edge of my seat!