Friday, July 20, 2007

Hell Socks Done.

OK. Once I made it through the first sock, the second one wasn't QUITE as hellish. Here is pair number 6 of 17. Um. I'm a little behind. The good news is that I have completed first socks of two other pairs that will get me back on track.

Details: Hippie Crunchy Socks from STR SOTM (sometime in 2006).

Needles: Size 0

Details: I thought I'd knock off a pair of anklets for myself to up my total sock count...oh well. These were the exact opposite - almost 2 weeks to finish the pair. Although a lot of work, a beautiful finished product - one I'm sure will become a favorite pair of socks. The directions called for a hem on the edge of the ankle, but I couldn't get that over my heel, so I ripped out and restarted with just a little 1/2 inch of K1P1 ribbing, and it looks fine.

Ok - although I should be moving onto my next pair of socks, I'm off to knit on clue 4 of the MS3.



wait.... i thought you said you were on pair #9 of 17???

heck, if you're only on pair 6, i'ma gonna give you a run for yer money, sister! ;-)


That stinks that they were the hell least they're pretty!


They look very nice - good colours.