Friday, May 18, 2007

Does this count?

I finished two socks this week... but not the same ones! But - I think that still keeps me on track for the 17 pairs in 20 weeks.

The first is my Monkey Sock. I did managed to get one done in under 18 hours - my total was actually 12. And the good news? It makes it over my heel! Still a little snug - but the good kind of snug, not the bad kind.

I've already started on the second. This weekend is filled with long drives to birthday parties and weddings, so I should be able to finish up the pair.

The second is an ankle sock out of a mystery color of STR. I had 75 grams of this stuff.. and was SO sure I could get a pair of ankle socks out of it. Well, the finished sock weight 43.6 grams, and the yarn leftover is 32.7.
It's pretty though, right? I have called up BMFA to do some begging - I'm sure with my charm I can get another 10 grams from somewhere. At least I HOPE so. The gals there are so great. And smart. And beautiful! (I think that flattery should work. If not, I move onto begging).

It's rainy and crappy here this weekend... good knitting weather.



The monkey sock looks great - I'm looking forward to starting a pair of those as soon as I get SOMEthing off the needles. Amazing knitting stamina too! ;)