Monday, April 02, 2007

Breathe in, Breathe out

Why is it, that when you are planning on going on vacation, the week leading up to that vacation always ends up being super stressful? I came in work this morning to a deep pile of $hit, and have been digging myself out ever since. Good times.

But, this weekend was great. Aaron finished ripping apart the porch, and we had a dumpster delivered. We spend Saturday morning loading up the dumpster, and it will be gone on Tuesday! Goodbye crap! Hello new room! And then, Aaron treated me to a pre-vacation afternoon. A 1 hour massage, a pedicure, dinner out, and we saw 300 (which I actually liked! Who knew!?!?).

So. I just need to survive 5 more days and then I get to enjoy some time in Portland with family, and then off to Camp Cockamamie!!!



Oh, hurray! I'll be at Camp Cockamamie too! I can't wait.