Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random Thursday

No pictures today, dear friends - but perhaps tomorrow I will show you just how close I am to finishing Marmalade. There are about eleventy bazillion ends to weave in, plus 3 (count them 3!), i-cord edgings. I'm just finished with 2. And have about 50% of the ends woven in. I'm thinking that this weekend we may get a fashion show.

Random thoughts for today:

1. It was 75 degrees yesterday. Tomorrow, there will be 6 inches of snow on the ground. Gotta love New England.

2. But - this mean that spring is coming... and this year I bought seeds that I want to plant inside ahead of time. Any thoughts on when I can start those? Is this weekend too soon?

3. I need more socks. Thankfully I'm almost done with the second Bird Of Paradise sock. I think my next one to go on the needles is Hippy Crunchy from the STR SOTM.

4. Still standing firm on the Yarn Diet. Although I will admit to signing up for 3 more months of the Sundara SOTM club - somehow Amanda and I justified it. We justified the yarn we are getting from socks clubs we joined before the Bustalong, claiming that we didn't actually BUY the yarn in the 3 month time period... and we've somehow convinced ourselves that paying for the new sock club is OK, since the yarn won't be delivered until after the official end of the Bustalong. That all makes sense, right?

OK - gotta get some work done... exciting Marmalade pictures soon!



Cant wait to see 'marmalade'. As for your seeds, sometimes there's a little 'map' on the back of the package that shows the proper planting time for your area. You can usually 'start' them indoors a few weeks plus the germination time prior to that date.

Oh, and all the good karma I've got is heading your way ;-)


I like your rationalization. It's true that if the yarn doesn't arrive until after, it's okay. I'm trying not to get too excited over the end of the bustalong, because while I mostly stayed with the program, I was hoping I'd have lasting effects of thoughtful purchases and commitment to what's in my stash. We'll see....