Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The 2 Week Wait Hat

As I've mentioned before, Aaron and I have been working on having a baby for about 2 years. And in the meantime, I've been knitting for this future baby. I would like to present to you all, my 'Two Week Wait' baby hat:

This is the most ridiculous pattern for a baby that I have ever seen. Also ridiculously cute, but I think the actual hat (sized for a newborn) took me 2 hours to knit. The embellishments? Over 20 hours, I swear to god. There are 3 little curly things on the top, over 80 inches of i-cord, which I then had to attach, and all the little French Knot dots!

Why do I call it the Two Week Wait hat? That is what people who are going through fertility treatments (or people just trying to conceive) call the time between when you could be pregnant, and when you actually test. I was knitting this hat and hoping the positive karma of such a cute baby item would somehow help us get pregnant this month. On Friday, I was sorely temped to put a picture of this hat on the blog with a picture of my negative pregnancy test. Amanda talked me down from doing that, good friend that she is. But seriously, would any 'normal' woman knit something that took this long for a baby that will outgrown it in weeks?

When I went to put the hat away, I snapped a picture of the sweet little stash of handknitted goodies that await our future baby:

3 sweaters, 3 pairs of booties, 3 pairs of baby socks, and 2 hats. Maybe I should start another hat, so it's all even!?

Sigh. I know we'll have our turn someday, but I get discouraged sometimes. As the Indigo Girls say: "You have to laugh at yourself, because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't".



I know it doesn't help, but try to be positive. Life has it's own twists and turns and sometimes we can only ride out the storms. Keep knitting through all.


I'm so sorry Cece - it sucks, no matter how you look at it. That's going to be one well-dressed babe though :) Those bear slippers are CUTE.

So - next two week wait - one more hat - and all will be even and that baby can get itself on its way.

And holy tamole re all those embellishing hours!


I think it's wonderful that you're preparing for your little one. I'm sorry that it's not this month. Best wishes for next month!!!!! I remember the waiting game...not fun at all.


Cece--welcome to the bar. I'm so glad you found it and decided to delurk :-)

Jackie over at Oscar Wants a Playmate (you can find her on my blogroll under unexplained) had some statistic once about how successful IVF is for unexplained. I would think that it's relatively high. But regardless, I want to congratulate you on losing the 6 pounds, tell you that the hat in this entry is delicious, and wish you so much luck on this upcoming appointment. May you be successful on the first try with IVF.


I'm sorry this wasn't your month, Cece. Nothing to do but look onward and upward, but it still bites. Your time is coming, though, I really think so.

And when it does, will you ever be ready! I love the bear booties.


I'm sorry it hasn't worked out yet. But hopefully you won't have to wait more than you already have!


Been there, done that. Those negative tests are soo disheartening. My husband and I finally went the adoption route. Adopted brothers from South Korea 19 years ago. We have been blessed! Hang in there!! The baby items are wonderful! Here's hoping that a little one will enjoy them soon.


Hey girl.

You know I've BTDT. I couldn't knit baby stuff, even after the positive, because there had been too many losses and too much false hope. At least your baby will be dressed in a manner befitting a knitter.

Hang in there. When I was going through it, my motto was (actually it still is), "When you're going through hell...keep going!"

XO --Cate