Monday, January 29, 2007

I've got the blues....

But not because you guys have forgotten me! Thanks for all the comments on Friday's post! Aaron and I had a great 'date' - the food at J's never disappoints, and my massage was wonderful. I would totally recommend to all you couples out there to makes efforts to actually go out on dates. Aaron and I tend to get wrapped up in the day-to-day, but when we go out on a 'date' we have time to talk about thing besides working on the house, our jobs, and dogs. It's nice to reconnect.

I say I've got the blues, because it seems like that the only color I have been knitting with lately!First, of course, is my Mom's Birthday sweater:

The front is done, and I'm on the final sleeve. This is the second sweater that I have knit out for someone else. I'm done. People will buy yarn, and give it to me and ask for a sweater.... and I say yes. No more. Knitting these has seemed like a job, probably because I wasn't involved in the process of picking out the pattern. This sweater for mom is 'ok', but I just want to be done with it... but I keep getting distracted by things I would rather knit.

Like this baby cuteness!

It's for a work colleague whose baby is due on Friday. Just needed to give EZ's Baby surprise sweater a try - and it is so much fun! It goes from this:

To looking like a very cute baby jacket:

The yarn is from my stash (yeah me!). I have a bunch of this sport weight yarn, as I was planning on making a fairisle sweater from it. Besides the fact that I have decided fairisle isn't for me, I didn't realize how much it sucks to do fairisle in superwash wool. But - for little baby clothes, it's perfect. I'm hoping to be able to find little truck buttons so I can send this off tomorrow.



I am not sure if it is at my end or not, but I can't see your pictures on this post.

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