Monday, October 16, 2006


I forgot how much I love NYC! My friends and I had a blast! We stayed in Stamford at the Westin, and took the train in.

One thing that is either good or bad about having knitting friends is that they tend to tell you the truth when a project has gone wrong. You see, while working on the Hana shawl, I didn't fully read the directions (no comments, Amanda) and did the first garter stitch edge with a size 1 needle. That is the size a needed to get gauge in pattern. Here we have 5 hours worth of knitting (241 stitches on a size 1 needle, people!)

You are supposed to go down one needle size for the border, because it is plain garter stitch, as the slipped stitches pull in the work. You can't really see in the above picture, but the edges are kind of 'ruffling'. So, kind friends that they are, we had a ripping session on the train. The outcome was a bunch of little balls of yarn.

That was depressing, to say the least. I'm ALMOST back to where I started. Not worthy of a picture, trust me.

We did a mini yarn crawl, starting at String. I got a size 0 needle so I could restart the shawl, and also some Koigu Kristi and Zara merino. But MAN does that shop have a bunch of luxury yarns! I was on budget, so none of those for me. It was a nice shop... a bit small - but I'm sure real estate costs are killer! But everything I asked for, they has in stock, they just needed to go down into storage to grab it.

We went to Katz's diner, and had the BEST Reuben ever. If you don't know what diner I'm talking about - maybe you remember the diner scene in When Harry met Sally?

After lunch we hit Purl Soho (where I bought two great books). Another fun, small yarn store. They have a bunch of great yarns! There is also a great fabric store on the same street, but I wasn't in the fabric buying mood. As a matter of fact, we were a little weary, so we sat in Washington Park and knitted. That was nice.

Finally, around 5 we headed out for dinner and to see the Color Purple. It's a tear jerker, trust me! As we were walking home, we shot this picture in Times Square!

Tomorrow, modeled pictures of the finished Shetland Shawl.



It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I just wanted to thank you for being a blogger who posts pictures of herself--you're on my Bingo card for Rhinebeck and now I know who to look for! (The bloggers who DON'T post pictures, ever, are really very frustrating. Lovely people, of course, but not very helpful.)

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday! (I hope.)


Cool photos Cece - would love to visit there one day .....


Okay, Cece. I will write no negative comment about reading/ not reading patterns. As long as you don't mind continuously ripping out your work, please, by all means, continue NOT to read patterns or do gauge swatches. I mean, who am I to say that you, for instance, do not ENJOY ripping out hours of work??? This might be your idea of a challenge- yes, of making knitting more difficult! Rip on, my friend, rip on! (However, I will continue to read patterns and knit gauge swatches. So sue me.)


THank you for posting a photo of yourself for Rhinebeck Bingo. While Purl is a nice store, I love Seaport Yarns for quantity and diversity. I have also heard great things about The Point.