Friday, October 06, 2006

Finally, Klaralund!!!

It's been a pretty busy week, and now that it is getting darker earlier, it wasn't until this morning that I was able to get some 'runway' shots. First - just the smiley picture:

Klaralund (be sure to check the errata!). Since the largest size this pattern is written for is a 46 inch chest finished size, I needed to upsize. My finished chest measurement was 52" (allowing for 4 inches of ease).

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden. The way this yarn is dyed completed makes up for the ridiculous amount of knots I found. I used 13 balls.

I did a lot of research before I started, so let me share what I did to upsize it. First - I needed to understand the construction. Since it is basically 4 rectangles... and mine needed to be bigger, I first searched around the web for people with curves who made this sweater. If you look at the modeled picture in the book - the girl is maybe 12 years old?! Not helpful for me and my D cups! I found that the bodice should hit at the top of the chest. Any lower, and it would be cutting across a bad spot.

I then decided on the ease I would use. Most people seemed happy with 2 - 6 inches of ease. Since I am still working on losing weight, I went with 4 inches, so that I would able able to wear this sweater both now and after more weight loss.

I then measured my sleeve length from my neck to my wrist, and the largest part of my arm. I added an inch of ease to the arm... and then knit the sleeves based on the measurement from my neck to my wrist, but kept the length suggested for the largest size as to when to start the extended garter stitch.

The body was easier. I also knit to the suggested length here (because with the way this is constructed, I was gaining 1 inch on both the back and the front by widening the sleeves by 2 inches). But, when I did the final construction, I left the garter edges open, to allow a little extra room for my 'ample' rear end.

Some people did not sew together the back as instructed in the finishing directions. I feel that it pulled the whole sweater together when I did that:

I feel this sweater is a HUGE success! I'm so glad I was able to gather up to courage to upsize Klaralund - as I have been lusting after it since it was all the rage to make one two years ago! If you are making this sweater, and need help making it bigger, feel free to contact me.



Fantastic!! It looks great on you. You did a wonderful job of sizing it. Doesn't that just feel great.


It is beautiful! I am most impressed with how the striping on the shoulders matches!


Excellent jumper!! I too am amazed at the matchiness of the stripes and the whole mathematical genius involved!!!


It looks great! You did a wonderful job figuring all of the that out.


It looks beautiful -- congratulations! And you did a terrific jobs with your changes for a great fit.