Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Klaralund progress

I've mostly been working on Klaralund (with a few sewing projects thrown in for good measure, but those aren't ready to show yet). I am very secure about my decision on the sleeve width and length.... so that is what I started with:

I'm still wavering on the amount of ease for the body. Especially with the work I'm doing on dieting. I think I will go with 3 inches, but I still have a bit of time to decide. I have almost read all of the Klaralund along posts on the yahoo group - and it seems that most people were happy with between 2 - 4 inches of ease, and others had even more, and loved the baggy feel. So, still deciding!

While I was taking this picture outside, I turned around, and Abby was just staring at me. I figured she was posing for a blog picture!

Mom. Give me a treat.



what a puppy face!

are you doing the cardi version of Klaralund or the pullover? The cardi version is on my list. At the moment, it takes a bit too much prep thought though - !


CECE! I love your blog, it is so nice to see your smiley face once in a while!! Not to mention Abby's lovable face, too. I feel so knowledgeable when i go to knitting class, all cause of you!


Awwww, she's so cute!


Just look at that cute expression and the little entreating mouth!!!
Mice knitting, all that colour!! Very nice, not overwhelming, very subtle!!