Monday, August 21, 2006

Socks again!

After a little bit of a sock knitting break, I realized that I'd better get to work on my sock for the Summer Sock Party! My pal recently had a baby, so I figured that there were I a couple of factors to use in helping me decide what type of sock to knit - namely that her feet are probably still getting back to 'normal' after pregnancy, and she also may not have a lot of time to knit (because she'll need to make the second sock).

So, I went back to my tried and true Heatwave sock pattern designed by Kristi. It's made out of Cascade Fixation (a nice cotton yarn with elastic in it for some give) and is knit up on 'bigger' (size 2 needles) AND is an anklet! Hope she likes it! I still have to go pick up a few more things to add into her package, but the sock is done!

Top view:

Side view:

Hope she likes it. I just love this pattern, makes a fun lacey sock and knits up quickly. One of the only patterns (socks or otherwise) that I have knit more than once.



I'm sure she'll love it! What a nice thing for a new mom to have.


lovin fixation!


Hi again, has a sock yarn that is exactly like Fixation, and is about half the price. ...