Saturday, August 05, 2006

Breast Cancer Walk, Day 2, 19.3 miles!

First - thank you so much for your words of encouragement from yesterday. They mean a lot, trust me!

Day 2 is over! And it was a MUCH better day than the first. My feet are pretty soar, but my spirits were much higher all day. I think it's because the weather was beautiful! We also spent the first 7.5 miles walking through a park (the shade was nice, but the rocks you had to navigate around SUCKED.)

I'm ready for some shut eye to rest up for tomorrow (only 16 miles to go), but thought I would share with you some of the fun people I see along the way...

First, our favorite support gal - she sings us disco tunes!

And her very cool 'nipple car':

A gal in a fun outfit - there was a whole team of people dressed like this, but I never thought to try and get a picture of them all together:

I saw this bumper sticker and couldn't stop laughing? Think I was getting heat stroke?

And finally, my wildlife sighting for the day! Penguins!!



What a fantastic job you are doing. That is so far to walk for such an important cause!!!


sheesh - I am tired just thinking about it. well done


It's great what you are doing! Keep it up.


You are so amazing!! Walk on!


Keep on truckin', blisters be damned! I was watching the iron man yesterday and thought of you. Here is to yet another amazing feat to add to your list of accomplishments. Great job!