Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Random Wednesday (with pictures!)

1. My dogs have learned to time it so they can run through the electric dog fence without getting shocked. And then go on little 'adventures' without us knowing. The first time, I got home, and my FIL had let them out about 30 minutes before. They have NEVER done this before, so I was panicked. 2 hours later - my husband calls the dog catcher - they are 2 miles away- chasing some poor farmers chickens.

Funny thing is, Henry is always chasing birds, but never catching them because they fly (and he can't). When he saw those chickens, he must had been like, BIRDS! And they can't FLY! Thankfully, none got hurt. But we still haven't figured out the fence problem.

2. That same night, I went to my quilt class, and finished a bag that was really no fun to make - but turned out really cool:

The pattern is called Screen Play - it'll be a fun summer bag.

3. About 2 months ago, Aaron's brother and his wife had a baby boy. I will be seeing the little guy in July, so started on his baby sweater (Trellis from knitty).

For some reason, I had major issues getting this started right - but now it's flying.

4. As I was walking around this morning in my garden, and noticing that all my flowers I planted from seed (and were doing well before all this rain) either got washed away or eaten (grrrr), I noticed the cool way the morning dew was sitting on the dahlia leaves:

Happy Wednesday!



cool bag, and most excellent photo of dew! randomly commenting, Sara aka


Uh oh, the dogs have gotten smart! I wonder if because they have such thick skins if they just know when they get past a certain point it'll quit shocking them.

That dew pictures is really neat.

The baby sweater is adorable. I'm going to have to remember that pattern, just found out another friend is pregnant.


Dogs are very clever and contrary to some opinions, have intuitive thinking!! They can work things out!! What wicked dogs they are!!!! When The Labradors saw a 'kangaroo' earlier this week, I don't know who was more shocked: them or the kangaroo!!! ( We call it a knagaroo but it is a potoroo or wallaby or bettong!!!)
A nice bag, I like the screen door effect. Why was it so boogelly to make???


Dogs are so smart. The dew on the dahlia's looks so nice you just want to touch them. Trellis is lovely, I love the colour.


Great color for Trellis. I have that on my to-do list for my friends' future babies.