Monday, June 19, 2006

A Picture-free post

So. I'm in Chicago for work. I actually came here on Saturday and got to spend some time with my brother and his family - and got to attend my nephew's graduation party. I rarely get to see these guys (traveling with 4 boys isn't easy) so I was happy when the opportunity presented itself. I had a lot of fun... trying to convince David (the 18 year old) to come visit us in Boston. We'll see.

Anyhoo - I didn't think to load pictures for posting on my laptop before I left, so you'll have to do some visualizing. Imagine a brightly colored, self striping skein of yarn in blues, purples and greens (or go to my dye-pal's blog and see the picture he posted). My Dye-O-Rama pal Adam did a WONDERFUL job on picking great colors for me. And included a mix of tasty teas! Thanks Adam - I'm planning on doing some sort of chevron/lacey sock pattern (I know I bought a pattern like this, just can't remember the name) for this yarn - I think it will look awesome.

Tomorrow morning, I'm planning on doing an urban trek around Chicago and documenting it for the Trek-a-long. I haven't posted anything for that in a while - even though I have been trekking! This weekend I walked 11 miles on Friday, and then 15 on Saturday. I have a blister in between my toes - what is up with that?

So - I probably won't post again until I get home and can add pictures - don't miss me to much, and play nice while I am gone.



Hi Cece,

I have closed the Summer Sock Party sign ups, and I need your info so I can pass out the pals tomorrow. If you could, please e-mail me with it at rosiegypsy at columbus dot rr dot com or summersockparty06 at hotmail dot com.



Oh you lucky duck!! Such gorgeous wool!!
Have a nice Trek around Chicago!!! Now I am stuck with the songs in my head.....


I notice that you did the Beaded Shawlette in July. Which of her patterns did you use? I like how yours turned out and am hoping to make one out of Koigu. I ordered the Beaded Eyelet one. Please tell me it is the right one!

Sorry to post in the comments, I can't find your email address anywhere.


I can't wait to see your Chicago trek, and see if you've been hiking by any of my old haunts.

I hope you'll get a chance to walk the lakefront ... it's so beautiful.


You are the trekking goddess! I can't even phathom how many steps your feet are moving each weekend.

Hope your trip to the Windy City goes well.