Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ninja Knitting

Since I'm a lameass, and was totally addicted to finishing the DFS, I put off knitting a baby sweater that needs to be somewhere (through the MAIL) by Saturday. I was going to flake and either not make it, or just send it late, as it's for a blogger who I'm pretty sure doesn't even read my blog. But just in case, I'll link to her AFTER she gets the finished sweater. I saw that she was complaining on her blog that it is impossible to find BLACK baby clothes... and I thought - no it's not! Just knit the baby a sweater. Well, she doesn't knit, and I love knitting for baby's - so here we are.

Anyhoo - yesterday I went to the yarn store to discuss my new project with them (Jarngerd from Elsebeth Lavold, Book One, The Viking Knits Collection. I think the pattern is totally wrong - they agreed with me.... anyone else knit this sweater? Or even have to book? Can we discuss?). While I was there, I thought - there has to be an easy unisex baby sweater that would look good in black - when Ruth walks in! Of course, she first had to say 'Shouldn't you be at work?', to which I responded 'Shut it!'.

She suggested the Baby Pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple. Yep - it's doing the trick. So, I'm in Knitting Ninja mode - where I knit faster than I thought possible. I'm hopfeully done with this tonight, so I can overnight it tomorrow. Here is my progress so far:

I let you know tomorrow if I made it. Oh. And it's still raining here, so no finished shawl pictures. It's worth the wait, trust me.



I am admittedly behind on my reading, but congratulations on everything: long 'feel good' walks, the darling baby sweater, the shawl (I can't wait to see) and the Ninja knitting! It all looks wonderful.


Hey!!! If you're reading this, you're not knitting! Faster, faster, FASTER!!! Must finish! MUST FINISH! Well, stop reading and get back to knitting!


Of course you'll finish it. You are a knitting goddess,while I am a knitting dweeb. OTH, I am almost done with the tank.