Friday, March 31, 2006

Baby's everywhere!

Well, yet another co-worker has a baby coming.... this time it is her granddaughter! When she told me that the baby didn't have anything to come home from the hospital in , I couldn't resist making this little Baby Bolaro (can you see the little crocus?)!

Yeah, I know it will fit the baby for a nano-second, but it's SO sweet. And the pattern book, One Skein, says that the little eyelet symbol on the back of the sweater (according to Eastern Folklore) brings "luck and protection to the wearer, no matter his or her size". The mother has been through a lot in her short life (she is only 22), drug and alcohol addiction, abuse, even a short time in jail. Getting pregnant has seemed to set her straight - but I'll throw in a little knitting karma too.

This weekend, I'm off to Portsmouth for my bi-annual quilting weekend with the girls. I didn't even start packing until this morning, can't find the book with the quilt I want to make, never went to the fabric store (but no fear Portsmouth Fabric will save me on that front)... and need to get to work early so I can leave early.

Crap. Gotta go. Have a great weekend.



Awww what a sweet sentiment. I just love making baby items, and that is very cute!


Knitting karma, what a lovely thought! Have a wonderful time this weekend.


That is so swee, the bolero and the karma.

Have a great weekend.


Should be "sweet", to much in a rush, I need to slow down.


oh wow - have fun away !! I'd love to go on a retreat of the sewing or knitting variety!! After this bub is born it might be about 6 months before I can go away with out it - I'll have so begin planning a trip NOW!!! :-)


what a great little bolero - and I love the symbolism!