Monday, March 27, 2006

More good things

So, last post, I said I had more to report? Well - here it is!

First, my very kniterly and beady friend Amanda has started her very own blog. Go visit her and tell her that you think she is wonderful. Go now! I will wait.

OK. I also have a finished pair of socks to show! I've been doing a lot of secret knitting, so glad to have at least one project that I can post about. This is a pair of my standard sock pattern (cast on enough to get around my foot, k2 x p2 for a bit, plain knitting, standard flap heel, and kitchener the whole thing closed). It's the Knit Picks Parade yarn, and I like the way they turned out! One ball was enough for one sock on my size 10 foot - so I was happy with the yardage.
I'd say that the colorway also qualifies for March Project Spectrum. I'll report back on how they wear - as these are my first Knit Picks pair of socks. It'll be sweet if for $6 you can get a really nice pair of handmade socks.... we shall see.

And.... I'm picking up a NEW hobby.

That's right - add Banjo playing to the list. My first lesson is next weekend! Tee hee.



OMG, I played the banjo briefly when I was a kid! I found, though, that my left handed brain just didn't work with a right handed strung banjo. I hope you have more luck than I did. My dad was a champ back in the day- he was REALLY good. Maybe I'll get him to suggest some good bluegrass records for you. :) Also, thanks for giving my blog a mention.


4th time lucky, I am not having any luck trying to comment, they just go off wherever, lost in space.

Your socks are lovely Cece, I also went by and visited Amanda's blog... not a good idea it turns out just after eating lunch, anyway that blister must really hurt.

Good luck with your Banjo lessons. Reminds me of the dualing banjo's in Deliverance (I think).


The socks are pretty. So, what's the inspriration for the banjo lessons? It's a fairly unusual instrument in these here parts, I think.


Nice socks ... and where do you find someone to teach you the banjo? That is so cool.


Hmm..banjo. I have a mandolin I bought while in Israel (in 1979). I plyed it once, maybe twice. I was going for the arty, mysterious, moody chic thing. I sadly forgot that I didn'thave the slightest idea how to play a stringed instrument of any kind.

Have fun!


You have been busy, and look to get even busier! Enjoy your pickin'.


The socks are lovely, but the banjo playing. That is just too cool!


Nice socks, and good luck on the new banjo hobby! Beautiful Bluegrass music will be flowing out of that thing in no time!


Your socks are almost Eastery! Very nice!

Have fun with the banjo. My uncle used to have one when I was little. Cool!