Monday, September 05, 2005

Father, Food, Finishes

OK. So - the visit with my father actually turned out just fine. I manage to get myself pretty worked up every time he visits, and 75% of the time, it's not so bad. This time, he was mostly fixated on watching CNN, talking about how my children (um, I'm not even pregnant) should go to one of the military academies for college, and continually saying what a 'joy' I was to raise.

Friday night dinner at the Nashoba Winery was divine. The food was just perfect, and they have a Prix Fix menu that was perfect. And they would pair each course with a wine - I got to try Cherry Wine with my salad, Dry Pear with my main dish, and then raspberry with my chocolate torte. I would totally recommend that place for dinner - especially for a special occasion. I'm going to stop by and pick up some bottles when the store part is open. The fruit wine is really great!

Saturday, we first went out to breakfast at our favorite spot - the Stow airport (AKA Nancy's Airfield Cafe). My next plan was to take Dad to downtown Concord, buy him a book, and then go to the fabric store (to get me started on the Hibscus Quilt pattern by Karen Stone- figured I could have Barbara help me - a good way to keep her entertained for the day while Dad watched CNN). Well, the fabric store was closed. Then , I got a bright idea - to go to Portsmouth Fabric Store, and then out to lobster (At Chauncey's Lobster Pound in Kittery). Here at the left are some samples of what I made with the fabric so far.

We got home pretty late in the afternoon...and mostly just hung out for the rest of his visit. Sunday, after they were gone, Aaron and I spent some time working on the hallway, and at about 2 in the afternoon, I pretty much crashed. I took a three hour nap in the afternoon - which seems to always be what happens after my dad visits. I get so stressed out out while he is here, that I really wear myself out. I spent the rest of the day knitting, and managed to finish the front of my Tilted Jacket. It's looking pretty great (remember the front is one big piece, so it's folded in half for the picture). Only one sleeve, and the back to go.

Today, mostly yardwork. I got to play with the chainsaw (scary I know - but I'd rather yield the chainsaw than be the person pushing the logs around to be cut). We watersealed the deck, and mowed the yard. Then, I got to enjoy an afternoon at the spa that was pretty wonderful.

I think I'm ready to face another week of work! And I'm be in Chicago for work Wednesday and Thursday - which will make the week go by pretty quick.



I'm glad you survived. I've been holding my breath all weekend.



Wow, sounds like everything went well. I'm so happy for you. I'm bad though, I started the Fair Isle, I just couldn't help myself, but I can tell you the pattern is a blast to knit!