Thursday, August 04, 2005

An ode to my SP5

My dear Secret Pal
You are such a generous Gal!
The yarn for my stash,
Will become socks in a flash...
The beautiful stitch markers,
Will help me keep my place in this house full of Barkers!
The wonderful cards
Will make note writing not hard
When I need to take a break,
I can use the candle for relaxation's sake.
And the tape measure,
That will making knitting a pleasure.
And finally, the chocolate and nuts...
they will make for happy guts!
Thank you so much -
you have just the right Secret Pal touch.

Ok. Seriously. Look at this great haul from my Secret Pal!

SP5 Posted by Picasa

As I was taking this picture in my garden, I started to wonder just how crazy I look to my neighbors...

Probably not as crazy as I truly am.



How nice!


so glad the package got to you in one piece...especially the candle holder!! --Sp5