Thursday, August 04, 2005

Don't put the yarn on the 'barby!

Tee hee. About 2 weeks ago, I sent off some yarn and needles to a new blog friend that needed them. Apparently, bamboo size 1 dpns are hard to find in Australia. They are everywhere here! So - we arranged a trade. I sent her the needles and some Lobster Pot yarn (from Cape Cod), and she sent me this:

mohair Posted by Picasa

Its a bit shy of 500 yards of wool/mohair.... maybe a groovy scarf? And then, god bless her for feeding the beast, some sock yarn:

sock yarn Posted by Picasa

Both yarns are from Australian yarn companies, which is cool. And the other funny thing is that I had totally forgot this was coming... so when I saw the package, I thought it was from my SP5. But no! I still have that to look forward to (she told me a package was in the mail last week).

One other thing - I'm surprised no one made any comments on the BRIGHT ORANGE shawl (you know, like - 'Cece please don't post pictures of that any more - you burned out my retinas!'). Anyway, I'm coming dangerously close to the end of the second (and last) ball of yarn, so I've started the edging. Let's hope I make it!



Those austrailian yarns look awesome, I wonder if they're made from locally produced fibers. And I like your sassy colored shawl, can't wait to see it finished!


Lovely yarns, what fun to get a package in the mail.

The shawl was lovely actually, just have been swamped and haven't had much time to read blogs.

I will anxiously await a finished picture.


Australian sheep are actually treated pretty badly. They go through a process called 'muelsing', in which a section of flesh near the tail is chopped off in order to get rid of bugs that like that area. the sheep are not anesthetized and are not treated medically afterwards. So thinking that you are supporting a 'local sheep person' is actually supporting this type of treatment.


Anonymous - Have you ever seen a fly blown sheep, for which this process is done to stop. How would you like an arse full of magots eating your insides out. Some practices I know aren't probably what we think as kind, but sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. I don't like the idea of this practices either, but the alternative is not pleasant for the sheep either.


sheep in australia are treated quite well and a lot better than other countries. i think that you people that look at muelsing as a bad thing need to look at the out come if you dont fly struck sheep die a slow and very cruel death. i just wish people would give the farmers a brack.....