Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Big (work related) News!

Today, I got an unexpected bonus at work. They are giving me 'recognition' for all the hard work and long hours of this summer. Hot damn! I was pretty excited to hear that.

And, about a month ago I expressed interest in a new job. Same company, just a different job. It would a step up, a promotion. I was nervous to apply, as with the promotion, of course comes more responsibility, more traveling, and even my own org chart! Today, I find out, I got it. Cece, Vice President. Exciting! Scary! Will I have to stop wearing Birkenstock sandals with hand knit wool socks to the office?

On my way home, I went to the Woolpack. They are having Melissa Leapman in town on Dec 10th for a series of classes, and I signed up for her Fully Fashioned and Fabulous class. I needed to stop in to pay for the class. As I was wandering around the store, what do a notice but a FRESH SHIPMENT OF KOIGU. Lets do the math, shall we? One bonus + one promotion = 8 skiens of kogiu. Yippie! Check out the full bag I walked away with! There is more in the bag then Kogiu. I also got yarn for some of the booties from 50 Baby Booties to Knit, and some cotton yarn for a Jill Eaton jumper I was to make for a friends baby.

So the question remains, can I resist the new yarn long enough to continue working on the Tilted Jacket? I think so! I'm making so much progress, and it's turning out really well. I think it's all due to the yarn - the Goddess yarn is absolutely wonderful to work with. Due to the way you have to knit it (all in one piece for the front) it's hard to get a good picture of the jacket in progress, but at least you get an idea.

OK - off to knit!



Congratulations Cece on the job promotion. what do you do?.

I am sure that is why our seasons are always a bit off, as we start at the beginning of the month not when the solstice is. Anyway I'm not complaining Winter is officially over here for another year.


Yippee!! Skippee!! Wahoo! And all that jazz. Does this mean you won't be able to piggy back Stitches Midwest and a work visit next year? What would I do without you?


Congratulations on the promotion and the bonus, that's great news! Happy knitting with that new yarn.


Congrats on the new job! Excellent! Its nice when hard work is recognized and rewarded. Bravo.


Congrats! Does it mean that you'll be too powerful to still hang with us?


Execellent news.


Most excellent! Congrats!!!

I'm back and slowly catching up - wheeeee