Monday, July 11, 2005

Great Fun

I've just decided that I'm not going to whine about work anymore (at least for a while). This weekend was crazy (in the office until 1 AM last night) and I bet the rest of the week continues like that. But this is a knitting blog.

Therefore, about knitting I shall blog! I am so close to finishing the Flame Cardi, I can taste it. I'm just working on the edging and the collar.... and then it's completed! So, I'm dreaming of my next project already. Here is what I'm considering casting on:

1. Tilted Jacket from Winter 2004 IK (with the goddess yarn that my husband bought me for Christmas)
2. Weeping Willow Shawl by Two Old Bags (with the Suri Laceweight from the Maine Trip)
3. The Marmalade
kit that I got at MD Sheep and Wool

What do you guys think? I'm having trouble deciding... but I'll share my thoughts.

The Tilted jacket, the pattern isn't super complicated, so may be a good break from all the complicated lace stuff I've been doing. Also, it'll show Aaron that I use the yarn he buys me (thus encouraging future yarn presents)

The Weeping Willow Shawl Pattern + the Suri Alpaca + the Summer of Lace. Need I say more?

The Marmalade cardigan... I promised myself I could start this after I finished the Flame Cardi... I really love this design.

So, any votes from the peanut gallery?



Peanut Gallery vote here for Honey Roasted Nuts. Or in other words The Marmalade Sweater. Only because I don't know what the Tilted one looks like, not at home to review the issue. Lace is OK, nothing against it, just not that crazy about that one myself.
chrisknits, only 1 month to go!!!


Not knowing what the Tilted Jacket looks like, but seeing as your hubby gave you the wool, I would start on the titled jacket, Christmas isn't that far off, and he may buy you more wool if he sees you are using his previous wool gift.


'k - til you said your hubby bought you the tilted jacket yarn, I was going to vote for the Marmelade. Now it's a toss up. Here's an idea - two projects at once!!! Heretic, I know.


Hmmm, I'd go with the tilted jacket, your hubby would love to see you knit with his present. But marmalade is a close second, it's very cute.


TILTED! TILTED! it is beautiful and great and awesome. woo hoo!!!



I gotta go with marmalade, but only because I am living vicariously through you. I've wanted that sweater since Rhinebeck. Maybe this year...