Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Maryland Sheep and Wool

Here I come! I'm soooooo excited. Cate posted about the cheap flights on Southwest and cheap priceline hotels... and I couldn't resist! I'm leaving after work on Friday, and returning on Saturday night.

I has made plans months ago to go to the NH Sheep and Wool with my friend Elsie. She told me that it was always held on Mother's day weekend. Turns out that this year, is being held on the weekend of May 14. I can't go that weekend - first off, I'm picking up my new puppy on May 13th, and then on the 14th, Aaron and I have to go to Nantucket for his Uncles birthday party.

Since I'm going to miss out on the festival in my own backyard, might as well spend a few $$$ and go to the bigger, better Maryland Sheep and Wool!

OK - who else is in? Wanna share a hotel room?