Friday, March 11, 2005


I love knitting for babies. So, when my husband told me that his boss's wife had their baby Thursday morning - the first thing I did was try and find the perfect little cute sweater to make.

So... This (from my stash, because I'm THAT good)

this Posted by Hello

Will turn into this (from Knitty):

into this Posted by Hello

I can't resist knitting for any newborn baby that I find out about. I love how cute the designs are. I love how little the finished product is. And I love the reaction I get from most mom's when I give them the little, cute, handmade sweater!

This is next on the needles* after I finish my surprise... which I'm VERY close to doing.

*And yes, after I finish my Sockapalooza sock.

** Fairisle sweater? What Fairisle sweater?!