Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Photos needed

I'm noticing that my blog is low on pictures. Funny, because I've almost finished the Ribby Cardi, I'm halfway through a really cool hat (the pattern is from Green Mountain Spinnery, the Stained Glass Hat), and also have good progress on my Bpt cardi.

I'll work on that tonight. I think I'll wait to show you the hat until my Recycled Glass head comes in from Pier 1. Yep, that's right. I bought a glass head. I think it's super cool.

I was reading on Joe's blog how so much of knitting involves preserverance. I totally agree with him. Last night, after dinner, I sat down to knit, and was SO drawn to the Bpt cardi, but forced myself to weave in the ends for the Ribby Cardi and start the collar. I even promised myself some Twizzlers when I finished the weaving. And I did! But still a bit more to go on the collar. Maybe I'll finish that tonight.

It is so much more fun to find new projects, buy the yarn and start the project, than it is to do the 'dirty work' of actually finishing it. Thankfully, I have a 'goal oriented' side to myself that won't let me NOT finish. But I do sometimes have to force myself to sit down and do the 'not so fun' part of knitting.