Thursday, December 09, 2004

100 Things about me

So, I've been making good progress on Aaron's vest. I have both armholes done! Since that isn't very exciting knitting news, I thought I would post my 100 Things about Me list. I'm having reading everyone's else's list, figured I would give mine a shot.

1. I love helium filled balloons.
2. I recently found out that helium is a finite resource, like oil.
3. Now I'm forced to deal with the moral dilemma of limiting my balloon supply (for example, I had 2 dozen balloons for my birthday this year, and I think 60 at my wedding!)
4. I ride a motorcycle.
5. It's a Sports Bike, which if my friends had to guess (those that have never seen my bike) would never think that would be the kind of bike I ride.
6. But I love it. I will get a cruiser when I'm 'old'.
7. I have swum so much in my lifetime that it is like walking to me.
8. I can't eat with someone that chews with their mouth open. It totally grosses me out.
9. Once I find out that chews with their mouth open, I'll still hang out with them, but would never invite them over for dinner.
10. I just learned to quilt a year ago.
11. I always said I would never try quilting because it was 'too hard'. Whatever!
12. I wish everything I wore was handmade.
13. Actually I wish EVERYTHING I had was handmade.
14. I've always wanted my hair to be long enough to braid.
15. In my 30 years of living, it never has been.
16. I'm working on getting it that long now - and have been for 3 years.
17. It's STILL not long enough.
18. I hate technology.
19. Once someone shows me how cool the technology is - I have to have it and use it all the time.
20. My husband and I are perfect together.
21. I honestly didn't believe that I would find someone as perfect for me, so I'm still surprised just how wonderful it is.
22. I love him more than I thought I could ever love someone.
23. I'm messy.
24. Very, very, very messy.
25. I honestly wish I was one of those anal people with the perfectly clean house and (as my mom used to say) 'a place for everything and everything in it's place'.
26. Going to High Tea is one of my very most favorite things in the entire world.
27. I would love to own a hot rod. One of those low to the ground, souped up, loud pipes, painted with flames hot rods.
28. I have my private pilot's license
29. I'm very liberal in my political views.
30. I can't understand why some people feel that they need to limit others peoples freedoms just because they don't agree with them.
31. SUV's make me angry.
32. I have done an Ironman Triathlon.
33. I doubt I will do another.
34. I never have trouble falling asleep.
35. I rarely drink alcohol.
36. Sometimes, I want every single thing I own to be purple.
37. Then I see something hot pink or bright blue, and realize I couldn't pull it off.
38. I love Christmas Lights
39. If I had the time, space, money and could convince my husband, I would cover my entire house with Christmas lights and obnoxious decorations
40. I feel like I'm a better person when I exercise.
41. I turn bright red when I lie, get embarrassed or angry.
42. I can't wait to have children.
43. At the same time, the idea of having children sometimes scares me.
44. I love going to the library.
45. My very favorite food is pepperoni pizza.
46. I often think that pizza is a lame favorite food, and wish I could change it. But I can't.
47. I don't wear make-up. It seems silly to me.
48. I'm a natural blond.
49. I've coached a swim team.
50. And a water-polo team.
51. For some reason, I love the shape of a star.
52. I prefer to swim in a lake to a pool or the ocean.
53. I learned to tell time by wanting to know 'how much longer' until the Muppets Show started.
54. I hate to be too hot.
55. I feel like I would like sardines, but I can't get past the fishy smell and oiliness to try one.
56. I love goldfish.
57. I once had a goldfish named Charlie for 10 years.
58. He lived in a 10 gallon tank all by himself. He grew big enough that if you cooked him up and ate him for lunch, you would be satisfied.
59. Charlie didn't die, I let him go in a friend's koi pond.
60. I hate wearing bracelets.
61. I love necklaces
62. I love to play board games
63. And yatzee and uno.
64. I hate horror movies.
65. I'm very afraid of ghosts.
66. I like to believe there is a God.
67. But would also like to believe that God is more forgiving and accepting than the fundamentalists preach.
68. I'm embarrassed by my lack of knowledge of geography.
69. I wish I had a garden.
70. Although if I had one, I don't know if I would have the time to keep it up.
71. I dream of a backyard with a koi pond.
72. I love reading bumper stickers.
73. I would never have a bumper sticker on my car.
74. I hate to sit on the beach.
75. I love to go to the beach to play in the water.
76. I love air conditioning.
77. I don't like fruit juices of any kind.
78. I love the rain.
79. And the snow.
80. I have lots of shoes, but pretty much only wear 3 pairs. My Birkenstock sandals in the summer, my Birkenstock clogs in the spring/fall, and Doc Marten Mary Janes in the winter.
81. With every pair of shoes, I always wear (mostly handknit) wool socks.
82. I love glo-in-the-dark stars.
83. Not the hard plastic ones, the sticker kind.
84. I wish I had them on my bedroom ceiling.
85. But our house right now is a rental... just wait until I own my own place!
86. I really like to get mail.
87. Real mail. Snail mail.
88. I don't enjoy talking on the phone.
89. I prefer tea to coffee.
90. I don't like 'cola' soda.
91. I've never drank non-diet soda (on purpose).
92. Or non-skim milk.
93. I have a pretty huge yarn stash.
94. I keep on buying yarn, because I have this strange fear that someday, I won't have the money to buy yarn, and I want to have a 'back up' supply.
95. I don't think I would enjoy turning knitting into source of income, even though I bet I knit (or sew) about 4-6 hours a day.
96. Swinging on a swing always makes me feel a little sick, but I love to swing.
97. I love to scuba dive, but I haven't gone in years (for no good reason).
98. I don't really like to ski, but I go every year.
99. I love to play in the snow (building snowmen, sledding, snow angels).
100. I love my birthday and the holidays. Not for the presents, but for the fun of getting together with friends and family and celebrating. I love parties.