Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I realized today that it is weird that as a knitter, I only have 2 scarves. And 3 hats. But, I have given loads away. And bought more yarn yesterday to give away even more. The good news is that I also got yarn for a scarf for me. Tonight, at quilt class my friend is going to show me how to crochet. (yeah, I know. Quilt Class? Crochet? It would make sense if you were a member of our class) So I can make a ruffled scarf (somewhat like this, but not really). For some reason I cannot grasp the idea of crocheting at all, and am often heard cursing while painfully trying to do a simple crochet edge on a sweater. Laura is left handed - as am I - so hopefully this will bring something better to the learning experience for me!

The other thing I got at my knitting night was the contrast yarn for Aaron's vest. I got a nice dark cranberry color, that I think will look awesome. I checked on the drying process in the basement, and it is getting close! Maybe that will be what I work on this weekend.

We also talked about our winter 'knit together' project. We are all going to make a Son Of A.r.a.n. It's a neat step-by-step knit-your-own-design Aran sweater. I decided that I should knit mine out of BRIGHT BLUE to help with the winter blahs. Can't wait to start.

But I need to finish my projects first... at which the list has actually gotten longer, not shorter:

- Aaron's Vest (90% done!)
- Christmas Scarf for Lexi (cousin who I have in the family 'lottery' we do for presents)
- Christmas scarf for my friend Karen (out of an AWESOME fat hand dyed ribbon yarn)
- cardigan for my niece (out of cheap Lion Brand thick and quick Chenille - but they are 6, will love it, and will grow out of it quickly. Amanda made the matching one for the other twin).
- Blueberry Sweater (which I haven't paid attention to since I got obsessed with finishing Aaron's Vest)
- Latvian Mittens
- Bpt sweater.

The ruffled scarf will factor in there somewhere also...

Geez. At least I won't get bored!