Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Isle of Trucks

This summer, I was on the KnitPicks site looking for yarn, and I saw, saved in my cart, this pattern. And I thought - I should totally make that for Cam!

He now has a stated preference for all things ORANGE, so I thought I would make an orange sweater ("Dat my favorite color, Mama!") and with the addition of TRUCKS it would be a huge hit.

Two weeks ago, sweater weather finally arrived. I excitedly pulled out the new, orange, truck sweater. This was the conversation:

Me: Cam! Look at this fun sweater Mommy made you! It's your favorite color! And look, here are some trucks.

Cam (after a looking at the sweater). Mama. Dat sweater no make me happy. Dat sweater make me sad. I no wear dat sweater.

What am I supposed to say to that?! So we just moved onto a different sweater, and I would try every few days - and yesterday he was distracted by a kazoo - and I got the sweater over his head. He looked at it and said - Hey! Dis my favorite color! And just moved on with his morning:

Without further ado, I present the Isle of Trucks:

I knit the 4 year size. The sleeves are nice and long (the designer makes a point of stating that the arms are long so the sweater can last more than one year), but the body isn't. If I knit this again, I would add another couple inches to the body. It fits perfectly now, but no room to grow. I used Berroco Comfort, which is my new go-to yarn for kids knits.

And now - he loves the sweater, so I'm a happy momma!





What an adorable sweater, on an adorable boy!