Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Socks


The pattern is Central Air from the very first STR sock club package. Years and years and years ago. I knit up some Opal Hand dyed that I got at Central Yarn in Portland, ME. I didn't mean to pull green yarn for March - but the combination of a really fun pattern, green for St Pat's day, and the hope of spring coming - these knit up really fast!

And because a post with pictures of my feet is boring... how about cute babies dressed in green for St Pat's day?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I didn't finish my Feb socks - and that's ok. The bigger emergency was to get my knitting mojo back, and I did it in the form of some hand spun yarn. More than a few Cummingtons ago, I bought a fleece thinking that I would get a sweater out of it. I had it processed into pencil roving, thinking that would be something even I, a very, very, VERY novice spinner could make some good yarn out of it.

And then I had two babies.

And the fleece was sitting there. I organized my yarn room and had this plan to see if I could give some good spinner a bunch of my very nice fleece in return for spinning up this fleece. And I did! A wonderful woman from my spinning group volunteered, and did an amazing job. I'm knitting the pattern, Town and Country from the book A Fine Fleece:

I'm loving it.