Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Knitting Mojo lost.

I sit in the living room, watching the kids play, or TV... and I don't knit.


The socks I'm working on for Feb linger - I only pick them up because of my deadline to finish by the 28th.... the shawl for my mom is stalled, even though I have enough yarn....

I hate this! Knitting is my passion! I love planning projects and finishing things. What is happening! I don't even want to quilt - my other go to craft. Blech. I got the book A Fine Fleece to start a sweater for myself - maybe that will give me a kick start?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ice, snowing and entrelac

There has been a ridiculous amount of snow and ice around here! And this weekend, we had a mini-melt, so Aaron was out in the driveway chipping away at the 5 inch layer of ice we had on our driveway. I went out and helped once the kids went down for a nap. SO satisfying to have a nice, clear, dry driveway! But - it killed my hands! I totally couldn't knit at all for a few days. So I did some sewing - finished a couple quilt tops that have been in the works, and also made a shirt for Cam to wear on Valentines day...
Daycare is asking that everyone wear red on Valentine's Day - and of course, Cam looks awful in red with his red hair. I saw someone selling something similar on etsy, and knew I could easily make one myself. I think it's crazy cute.

After three full days without knitting, I was itching to do SOMETHING. I tried to knit on my Feb socks, but the needles were just too small for my sore hands. And then I remembered!

Before Christmas, I met my mom at Webs, and she mentioned that she wanted a little shawl to go over her shoulders. We looked around at different patterns, and came up with a few good, plain shawls. And then I saw a sample of Autumn knit up.

Pointed it out to my mom.

She feel in love. And I was excited about it, because I love entrelac - it's fun!It called for 11 balls of Jojoland Rhythm. Which isn't that expensive of a yarn, but I knew I had a bunch of Noro Silk Garden in my stash - and would love to use it up. So I left the store with just the pattern.
I thought I would maybe get this done for Christmas, but then just didn't. And then I was waylayed but other things (like dogs eating my Smitten Mitten Garland). I figured it was a perfect time to cast on for this shawl!

But, in my stash dive, I only found 6 balls of the Silk Garden - I really need double that. Onto Ravelry and made a trade with a very sweet woman (because of course, this color is discontinued) and I'm good to go!

My mom's birthday was on Feb 5th, and we had to cancel our trip to see her thanks to a sickness/bad weather combo. The next trip is scheduled for the 26th, and hoping I'll have this done by then!

Thursday, February 03, 2011


I was reading Yarn Miracle yesterday, and saw she had posted the cutest pattern! Meet my sweeties:

I quickly cast on - and made the girl first... and then the boy. I fleetingly thought I would make 19 of these for the kids to give to their friends at school for Valentine's day.

And then I came to my senses.

Totally fiddly, but fun to see come together pattern. But I think I'm done at 2.