Tuesday, December 07, 2010


The mittens are re-hung, far out of the reach of the dogs, not in the color order I envisioned, stuffed with Hershey kisses instead of the combination of 4 different candies (one of each of our favorites for each day), and 5 mittens short of 24.

I'm still too mad to reknit them, but I'll get it done before the 19th. Damn dogs. And yes, they ate the chocolate too. And they are fine healthwise... which if they weren't, I would be upset... but I pretend like I wouldn't because I'm still mad at them. I was just SO excited to have such a fun thing made and done in time for Christmas.


A friend lost his father yesterday, so I'm working on finishing up a pair of cashmere socks to give him when he returns from the funeral.