Monday, July 06, 2009

Fish for the Fishling!

This weekend, Aaron was away on a trip to see college buddies. I stayed home and a local college buddy visited me! She is the Fishling's godmother - and thank god she was here. The little guy was sick pretty much all day Saturday with some stomach issues...I was more than grateful to have her here as an extra set of hands.

Not only did she help with the sick baby, she also helped me get about 99% of the yarn stuff into the guest room, and that stuff is about 80% organized! Amazing!

AND! I even had time to finish a sweater!

This is a pattern from Roo Designs, Child's Roll-Neck with Fish (pretty original name, huh?), in Encore chunky. When I was emptying out my yarn shelves last week, I saw this project all ready to go, still in the bag I brought it home in. It was in chunky yarn, so I thought it would be fun. And it was! I made the 2 year size, hoping it'll fit my little hunk this winter. I love the little fishies.



ohhh the sweater is adorable! and cheers for good friends!!