Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm sad that the Olympics are over, but not sad that I finally finished the Cabled Wrap!

Yarn Purchased: Dec 2006
Project Started: April 2007
Project Finished: August 2008!!!

Close up!

Pattern: Wrap Yourself in Nature, Inspired Cable Knits
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Melange, 10 skeins

This is a wonderful yarn and the cabling in this pattern is really beautiful. I'm not sure the baby alpaca would hold up to the wear a sweater would subject it to, but think this wrap is a great project for the yarn. It really drapes beautifully. It's a bit brutal to have to knit a total of 90 inches of the SAME pattern (hence it being place on hold not just once but twice). Especially when the cable is just exactly hard enough to not be able to memorize... so you need to carry the chart with you everywhere. Now that it's done, I do think it's going to be a great thing for me come fall, when my preggo belly will not really let me wear most of my sweaters.

While this was blocking, I was able to finish what I considered my 'extra credit' Olympic project:

Pattern: Summer of Love Lace, JC Briar
Yarn: Flower Power, STR lightweight

These were a fun knit. For whatever reason, I was nervous to knit them, as the cuff is knit back and forth, and then you join it to the sock. Looks a heck of a lot harder than it was to knit! For the ankle, I knit the medium size (72 sts) but then for the foot, I went down to 64 sts. Fits great!

And - these are both Mission Possible projects! Only 2 more to go (Kauni and the red tweed yarn).



Oh wow, the wrap is beautiful!! What a great project to finish during the Olympics.

And I love the funiture you picked out! Congrats on your baby!



Congratulations on finishing your wrap - it's beautiful!


the wrap is beautiful, and it is a great picture of you as well!


whoops, i commented under my daughter's account!


I love the cabling on your wrap! Beautiful! And how is the baby doing? You look wonderful, congrats!


Wonderful wrap! It will be great to wear this fall and winter. Nice job! Cute "extra credit" sox.




Beautiful! Your knitting really puts me to shame. I've been working on the same baby blanket for 1.5 months and you whip out a beautiful wrap in a couple of weeks. Amazing!


...positively beautiful...Great job!


Wonderful wrap! I love the cables and the edge stitching. And, I do love that color!!!!!!