Wednesday, April 09, 2008


When I first saw Jeanie on Knitty - I fell in love. I had to have it. I was also nagging Tina at BMFA to dye a colorway for me (Braun's Woods it's called now. Not on the website, but some people have bought it at shows). I though it would be a perfect combo of yarn and pattern.

One day, without expecting it, 5 skeins of BMFA lightweight arrived in the mail, ready to knit! I cast on while riding to SPA. It was a provisional cast on.... and took more than a few tries. But once I got going - this is a pretty low key knit. It just forces you to pay attention with the k1p1 k1tblp1tbl k1p1 to infinity.

The pattern called for you to knit it to 66 inches, and then block. I went to 80. It blocked to 110!

I really wanted this to be nice and big to wrap around... now I'm maybe wishing it wasn't quiet so big - but I do like it.


Pattern: Jeanie from Knitty

Yarn: BMFA Lightweight, 4.5 skeins, Braun's Woods colorway

Size 5 needles

Cast on Feb 22nd, cast off April 7th!

I just think the whole idea for this shawl is really neat. The reversible cables and dropped stitches look cool. I had read in Ravelry that some people dropped the long columns of stitches along the way, instead of waiting until the end. I decided to stick with the pattern on this one - but dropping a stitch 100 inches down wasn't really fun - it was more annoying. I would recommend dropping as you went.

Doesn't it look cool close up?!

I'd give this knit an A+! Now to see how often I wear it.

What to knit next?



Now that is a shawl of substance.


Honestly, it's lovely, and there is something extremely satisfying in seeing yours knit up. I don't think I have to have one now because, well, you know? You did it for me.

And no, I don't mean that I want to steal it. Just pet yours next time I see you.


It's lovely and I don't know, I have a feeling it will be just the right size to wrap yourself in this fall and early winter : ) !


It's beautiful!


Its quite lovely.


Lovely and a comforting size to wrap up in. Nice job!


Great work! It's beautiful!


Totally awesome!

And thank you for having Tina dye up this colorway. I really love it.


It looks lovely on you!! When I first learned the name of that colorway, I instantly thought of you and Tina hadn't shared who it was for. Weird! See you soon,


it is amazing how the cables look amongst the dropped stitches. Looks great.